Environmental Stewardship Award 1996

Brian Berg Family

Brian and Debra Berg of the Broadview Ranch are the 1996 winners of the Environmental Stewardship Award. The Bergs were selected for their excellent management of their ranch near Wardlow, 50 kilometers northeast of Brooks. The native range is in excellent condition thanks to a rotational grazing system where pastures are grazed in alternate years. Some are rested for two years when there is ample cover. This has provided sufficient grass even in the driest of years.

Their management goal is to maintain a balance between the natural and domestic activities on the ranch. The ranch has several sensitive areas such as Burrowing Owl and Great Blue Heron nesting sites as well as once active sand dunes, which are managed for their protection.

Direct access to Berry Creek is limited in some areas with electric fencing and the Bergs are implementing a solar powered pumping system to eliminate the need for direct access. They are also planning a water pipeline project to bring water to several pastures to further reduce their reliance on riparian areas.

The Bergs' strong stewardship ethic comes from their appreciation for natural areas and wildlife. They feel their management programs have resulted in the benefits of a healthy vegetative cover, which, in turn, has provided habitat that is productive for both livestock and wildlife.