2024 Environmental Stewardship Award Nominations Open

Since 1992, Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) has recognized farms and ranches across the province whose natural resource stewardship practices contribute to the environment and enhance productivity and profitability.

Alberta Beef Producers is now accepting nominations for the 2024 Environmental Stewardship Award (ESA).The ESA program is a fantastic way to celebrate beef producers who go above and beyond in their commitment to environmental stewardship. It’s also an opportunity to showcase our industry’s innovative sustainability practices to a larger audience. 

Nominations must be received by 11:59 p.m. on March 15, 2024.

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Environmental Stewardship

Alberta beef producers are committed to producing beef in an environmentally sustainable manner. Through the Alberta Beef Producers (ABP), they support policies, programs and educational efforts that uphold this vision. They also formally recognize beef producers who have incorporated environmental protection into their management strategies.

Environmental Stewardship Award

Presented annually, the Environmental Stewardship Award goes to the beef producer who best exemplifies environmentally sustainable cattle production. Alberta cattle producers nominate the best of their peers for this award, which has become one of the most prestigious in the industry. A panel of representatives from conservation and agriculture assess the candidates, examining the stewardship goals and activities of the nominees including land management, water quality, wildlife, animal welfare and leadership activities in the community related to stewardship.