All for the Beef Basic Meat Cookery Program

Alberta Beef’s All for the Beef program resources support Career and Technology Studies Fod2100 Basic Meat Cookery and includes approaches, strategies, tools, assessment and student learning support for both independent and classroom lab-based learning contexts.
Consistent with the approach and structure of CTS courses, this resource facilitates multiple pathways and encourages students to explore and learn based on their interests, prior knowledge and experiences.Icons make navigation through this resource easy by identifying supports for scaffolding, extending, and assessing learning as well as website and video links. Icons also identify:
  • Marketplace information on beef cuts
  • Prep skills for food ingredient and nutrition knowledge
  • Culinary practice tips, strategies and video links for cooking and tenderizing beef
  • Recipes that range from simple sloppy joes to beef satays, roasts, stroganoff and stir fries
  • Chef skills for food safety
All for the Beef program components provide interactive checkboxes and fillable fields for tracking and customizing learning.

All for the Beef Teaching and Learning Resource

Download for teaching approaches, strategies, assessment tools and background information.


Explore Meat Cookery Student Sourcebook

Download this student sourcebook for learning handouts, beef production and cooking information, culinary practice recipes and graphic organizers.


Market Cards Sourcebook

Download cards that highlight cooking and tenderizing approaches for retail beef cuts.


Recipe Cards Sourcebook

Download the full collection of meat cookery recipe cards. Access each recipe separately in the grid below.


Chef Skills Sourcebook

Download for safe and sanitary kitchen working skills and practices.


All for the Beef Test Bank

Email Alberta Beef to request the test bank – including multiple choice, true/false and short answer questions – correlated to FOD2100 outcomes. This WORD document allows you to select and customize questions for your own quizzes and tests for part or all of the FOD2100 course. A teacher and student version will be provided.

Access additional support for learning about the nutritional and production aspects of beef cookery in your classroom here.

Worried About Nutrition?

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Beef Stacks Up

Watch Video

Seeking Protein

Watch Video

What Does Protein Look Like?

Watch Video

Who Am I?

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Worried about Hormones in Cattle?

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Worried about Antibiotic Use?

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Worried about Greenhouse Gas?

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All For The Beef Recipes

Access individual recipe cards by course-correlated outcomes and cooking skills. Culinary Practice Recipes, used as guided lab learning experiences, are indicated by *. These recipes provide information on cooking and tenderizing methods. Note that many of these recipes combine or cross over more than one method. They are categorized for your general reference.

Moist Heat Cooking

Dry Heat Cooking

Marinating to Tenderize

Mechanical Tenderizing

Ethnic or other Preparations

Classroom Agriculture Program