Alberta Beef Producers Delegates and Directors are beef producers from across the province elected by their peers to represent the best interests of Alberta's beef industry. 

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2021 Delegate Directory

Board of Directors

Melanie Wowk

Direct Number: (780) 210-2500


Town: Beauvallon

Jason Hale
Vice Chair

Direct Number: (403) 793-1611


Town: Bassano

Brodie Haugan
Finance Chair

Direct Number: (403) 580-9534


Town: Orion

Kelly Smith-Fraser
Past Chair

Direct Number: (403) 598-4323


Town: Pine Lake

Darren Bevans

Direct Number: (403) 752-3842


Town: Raymond

Colin Campbell

Direct Number: (780) 914-9066


Town: Bon Accord

Rod Carlyon

Direct Number: (780) 206-7872


Town: Dapp

Sheila Hillmer

Direct Number: (403) 394-5798


Town: Del Bonita

Kent Holowath

Direct Number: (403) 820-6352


Town: Rumsey

Lee Irvine

Direct Number: (403) 671-4878


Town: Rockyview County

Chris Israelson

Direct Number: (403) 994-0561


Town: Didsbury

Fred Lozeman

Direct Number: (403) 625-6391


Town: Claresholm

Mike Nadeau

Direct Number: (780) 933-8886


Town: Beaverlodge


ABP is structured to ensure the democratic representation of all producers, to encourage direct feedback from the grassroots, and to ensure that the organization is consistently revitalized with fresh ideas and representatives. Provincial legislation outlines the ABP’s basic structure, objectives and powers and provides for a check-off on all cattle marketed in order to finance its activities.


All cattle producers in Alberta who have paid a check-off in the previous 24 months are considered members and are eligible to vote.


The province is divided into nine zones and producers in each zone elect five zone delegates.

Three delegates and then two delegates are elected in each zone in alternate years.
Each zone elects one cattle feeder council delegate and up to four cattle feeder council delegate at large may be elected by producers at the AGM.

Up to ten eligible producers can be elected as association delegates, five each year for a two year term. They have the same obligations and privileges as a zone delegate except they cannot serve as zone director.

All delegates are elected for a two-year period. Producers can serve for five consecutive two-year terms before they must step aside and allow other interested cattle producers to become involved. The zone delegates annually elect one of their group to be zone director and to sit on the ABP board. In addition to the nine zone directors, there are four directors-at-large elected from the delegate body at the AGM and the three councils each elect a director. 

The ABP past chair also sits on the ABP board for the first year after their term expires. The full board of directors then elect a chair, vice chair and finance chair. Should a zone director be elected as chairman, another delegate from that zone becomes the zone director. The board of directors plus zone delegates form the official voting body at the Annual General Meeting. This voting body sets policy, directions and approves budgets for the organization. 

Delegates are appointed or elected to serve on any of the committees or councils: Research, Governance, Audit, Cow Calf, Cattle Feeder, and Cattle Industry. 

Interested in becoming a delegate?
Becoming a delegate and acting as a voice for your industry is easy. Eligible producers simply review the responsibilities, make sure they fit the bill and then fill out the nomination form. An eligible producer means a producer resident in Alberta who has, in the last two years, sold cattle and paid a service charge to the Alberta Beef Producers or to another person on behalf of the Alberta Beef Producers. ABP reserves the right to verify your eligibility at any time.

* Zones as outlined in the 2020 ABP nomination form and on the ABP zone map are pending approval by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry as per proposed changes to the Alberta Beef Producers Plan Regulation (Alberta Regulation 286/2009).