Environmental Stewardship Award 1994-95

Bill Lee Family

Bill and Carol Lee of the OOLA Ranch at Camp Creek northwest of Edmonton were selected as the 1994/95 winners of the Alberta Cattle Commission Environmental Stewardship Award.

The Lees were chosen for their excellent stewardship of sensitive pasture and wooded areas on their ranch. Sandy soil conditions make the ranch prone to erosion. However, by using a rotational grazing system, moderate stocking rates and multiple/mobile watering and feeding sites, the Lees are able to spread grazing pressure. These practices ensure a healthy plant cover capable of sustaining the operation for generations to come.

Setting aside over 300 acres of woodlands for wildlife habitat, and maintaining tree and brush patches in fields to aid in wildlife movement, is part of their management program.

The County of Barrhead recognized Bill and Carol's sustainable production practices in 1991 with its conservation award, and the Public Lands division of Alberta Agriculture featured Bill in a video on range management.