Alberta Beef Producers

Over 18,000 producers. One organization.

Alberta is cattle country. The open range, the Rocky Mountains, acres of Parkland and the fertile farmland of the rolling plains. These pristine natural resources are images of the west known around the world.

The more than 18,000 beef cattle producers who are stewards of the industry in this province have one organization that represents their collective interests - the Alberta Beef Producers (ABP).

This industry is both progressive and historic, highly technical, yet grounded in the practical. From family ranches and farms passed down through generations, to new state-of-the-art feeding and breeding operations, Alberta's producers are a proud reflection of their industry. Run by producers for producers, ABP is dedicated to maintaining a truly sustainable, competitive industry for the benefit of all Albertans.


Alberta Beef Producers is a strong, clear and representative voice, speaking and working on behalf of cattle and beef producers in Alberta, contributing to a vigorous and profitable beef industry.


To strengthen the sustainability and competitiveness of the beef industry for the benefit of beef producers in Alberta.


  • Increase domestic and international demand and market access for Canadian/Alberta beef.
  • Ensure long-term sustainable access to the land and water resources of this province for the benefit of beef producers.
  • Influence government legislation and policy to enhance the competitiveness of Alberta beef producers.
  • Enhance the competitiveness of Alberta beef producers through research and innovation.
  • Engage and involve producers in policy decisions, organizational direction and governance.
Alberta Beef Producers Strategic Plan