ABP Sponsorship Programs

Overall Funding Guidelines

Alberta Beef Producers, a non-profit organization, provides financial and in-kind support to events having the potential to increase beef sales, enhance industry image and/or strengthen the Alberta Beef brand while positively impacting the everyday lives of Albertans. Although ABP is not able to help all groups seeking funding, it continues its long history of aiding those that meet the following criteria:

Events currently eligible for support include those:

  • Executed by registered charities or non-profit community organizations
  • Located in high density demographic areas
  • Having across Alberta or across Canada reach
  • Having measurable benefits to ABP
  • Having effective and sustainable funding models in place
  • Having a well articulated marketing plan attached to the application
  • Promising hard deliverables to ABP appropriate to our mandate
  • Having a proven track record of success
  • Fitting our industry’s image and core brand values
  • Having significant and committed media support
  • Serving Alberta Beef at any and all included dining events
  • Having an educational component that allows for the delivery of the Alberta Beef story and/or the education of attendees about beef and beef nutrition

Events, activities, organizations or persons currently ineligible for support include:

  • Individuals or individual pursuits
  • Sports – professional, recreational or minor sports teams
  • Operating costs, building costs
  • For-profit organizations
  • Trips or tours
  • Third party fundraisers
  • Advertising, film, video, television and book productions
  • Private schools or clubs
  • Organizations focused on lobbying government or the public on policy issues
  • Religious organizations (except non-denominational support services such as the Salvation Army and food banks, etc.)

To be considered, all proposals must:

  • Be submitted on line or in writing at least eight weeks prior to event commencement using ABP Form A as attached
  • Provide key details about the opportunity – e.g. what, where, when, why and targeting whom
  • Provide a funding model for the event
  • Provide a marketing plan for promoting the event 
  • Provide a list of all confirmed sponsors
  • Include clearly articulated deliverables for ABP and a plan for reporting on event metrics
  • Include a timeline indicating important deadlines
  • Contain a summary of the applicant’s credentials, history in business, its staff and its contact information 
  • Provide an analysis of expected participation in/attendance at the event and the rationale behind these projections
  • Include a list of media partners and their confirmed commitment to attend
  • Have predetermined if organizers require financial, product or in-kind support and to what extent. 
  • Contain information on how support of the event will benefit the Alberta beef industry and beef producers in this province
  • Include a projected cost per consumer exposure to ABP

Alberta Beef Producers is pleased to offer these kinds of support:

Financial support: ABP can and does supply financial support to some events meeting the above criteria. However, given the large number of requests we receive annually, even those initiatives that meet the above criteria may be declined because of financial constraints.

Merchandise/Speakers: For those events not needing nor qualifying for financial support, ABP is able to provide promotional merchandise, and in some instances, expert speakers. Merchandise may be supplied to vetted community events provided the applicant applies in writing (on-line, email or by fax) two weeks before the event using ABP Form B. Merchandise items refers to premium corporate gifts such as BBQ sets, steak knives and carving sets generally used for door prizes and silent auction items. Speaker requests must have a one-month lead time.

Not beef product: ABP does not have, store, handle nor have access to actual beef product. Beef product for charity events is best sourced from organizations such as local grocery store chains, Alberta meat packers and large food service suppliers.