What is Alberta Beef?

Alberta Beef is a consumer branded product. The Alberta Beef brand has been driven and supported by consumers through its history. Alberta Beef Producers has promoted Alberta Beef for over 30 years and the brand is widely used by retail and food service establishments in Alberta and other parts of Canada. We see Alberta as the heart of the Canadian cattle and beef industry and the brand is founded on the rich heritage of this industry in Alberta and the great taste of Alberta Beef.

In our view, all the beef produced at the two large packing plants and all the smaller packing plants in Alberta is Alberta Beef. Cattle become beef at these plants so we see the plants as the place of origin for the beef. By WTO convention, the place of origin for a product is the location where the last substantial transformation of that product occurred. In what is clearly a substantial transformation, these plants all transform cattle into Alberta Beef.

Since Alberta has 40% of the cows, 70% of the feedlot capacity and 70% of the processing capacity in Canada, we know that a substantial portion of the cattle coming to Alberta plants will have been born, raised and fed here. An even greater proportion of the cattle will have spent at least some time on feed here. However, we do not suggest that Alberta Beef comes exclusively from cattle that have been born and raised in Alberta.

We know that some of the cattle are born and raised in other provinces before coming to Alberta for feeding and processing. Some cattle are born, raised and fed in other provinces before coming to Alberta for processing. A small number of cattle may come here from northern states in the U.S. These cattle may not be completely Alberta cattle, but the beef is still Alberta Beef.

Although cattle producers in our neighbouring provinces and states do not have the Alberta environment of which we are so proud, they do have the same respect for the environment and commitment to food safety, animal care, and production of a quality product as Alberta producers. We say that Alberta cattle and Alberta cattle producers are Raised Right, but we know that cattle from our neighbouring provinces and states are raised well. When all of these cattle are turned into Alberta Beef at the plants here, we are confident that the products will have all the nutrition, flavour, tenderness and quality that people enjoy from Alberta Beef.

Canadian Beef Advantage

All Alberta Beef has the Canadian Beef Advantage. The attributes of the Canadian Beef Advantage and the Canadian Beef Brand are the outstanding genetics; robust food safety, beef grading, animal health and environmental standards; efficient production practices; high standards of animal care; responsible environmental stewardship; and world class processing facilities that consistently produce safe, nutritious, high quality, and great tasting beef. Alberta Beef is that segment of the Canadian Beef that comes from the open spaces, spectacular environment, and rich cattle and beef traditions of this province and is renowned for its flavour.

Alberta Beef Brand Promise

Our brand promise is simple and clear. Alberta Beef is beef from Alberta; it is a product that became beef here in this province. Alberta Beef is safe, nutritious, high quality and great tasting beef.