Dow AgroSciences

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Pasture management products from Dow AgroSciences

  • Increase grass production on pastures
  • Reduce weed, shrub and tree encroachment
  • Effective alternative to repeat mowing and cultivation
  • Works well in integrated pasture management plans including grazing rotations, herbicides, fertility analysis and mechanical brush management


RECLAIM | Weeds, shrubs, invasive plants

Reclaim your pasture’s productivity. The newest range and pasture tool from Dow AgroSciences, Reclaim will increase grass production by providing extended control of buckbrush, wild rose, shrubby cinquefoil, wolf willow plus control of broadleaf weeds and invasive plants in rangeland and permanent pasture.


RESTORE | Cost-effective, broad-spectrum, broadleaf weed control

Increase grass production with Restore™, a cost-effective, broad-spectrum herbicide designed for the management of invasive species and broad-spectrum, broadleaf weeds in rangeland and permanent grass pastures.


GRAZON XC | Today's standard for control of trees

Take control of encroachment of weeds, brush and trees with Grazon XC. Left untreated, undesirable vegetation affects grass production in pasture and rangeland. One application of Grazon XC provides years of increased grass production.

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