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Pasture management products from Dow AgroSciences

Dow AgroSciences Range & Pasture product portfolio provides pasture managers with the most safe and effective tools to control trees, brush, and invasive weeds to improve the sustainability, and long-term health of their pasture land.


RECLAIM II | Weeds, shrubs, invasive plants

Reclaim your pasture’s productivity. The newest range and pasture tool from Dow AgroSciences, Reclaim II will increase grass production by providing extended control of buckbrush, wild rose, shrubby cinquefoil, wolf willow plus control of broadleaf weeds and invasive plants in rangeland and permanent pasture.


RESTORE II | Cost-effective, broad-spectrum, broadleaf weed control

Increase grass production with Restore II™, a cost-effective, broad-spectrum herbicide designed for the management of invasive species and broad-spectrum, broadleaf weeds in rangeland and permanent grass pastures.


GRAZON XC | The trusted solution for tree and broadleaf weed control in pasture.

Grazon XC has been an effective tool for managing encroaching weeds and trees in pasture for over a decade. This easy to use liquid formulation can be applied aerially or by ground. Grazon XC is now labeled to provide control of leafy spurge and toadflax. Please see the label for more information.

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